MASLOWATEN: High Power Photovoltaic Pumping at D2M-Energytransit

MASLOWATEN: High Power Photovoltaic Pumping at D2M-Energytransit
18 April 2018 @master

D2M-Energytransit is one of the three Portuguese companies chosen to receive the technology transfer from MASLOWATEN project.

This European project, established from collaboration of institutions representing several countries, achieved outstanding progress in technology for irrigated agriculture: High Power Photovoltaic Pumping. Now this innovative technology integrates D2M-Energytransit’s solutions portfolio.

The MASLOWATEN Project presents itself as an important milestone for the agro-industrial sector. The resulting technological solution ensures strong reduction of both water and electricity consumptions, thus increasing the productivity of the photovoltaic irrigation systems. With a very flexible application and adaptable to the several types of irrigation available, it contributes strongly to a more profitable and sustainable agricultural activity.

The efficiency of the “MASLOWATEN” technology was proven through the installation of five prototypes distributed by Portugal, Spain, Italy and Morocco. This procedure was crucial to demonstrate the advantages of replacement/hybridization of current pumping and irrigation systems with photovoltaic technology.

With the inclusion of this cutting-edge technology, D2M-Energytransit adds another success to its path. With “MASLOWATEN” technology it increases the integrated offer to its customers, interconnecting the Floating Photovoltaic with the High Power Photovoltaic Pumping.