Ciel & Terre push forward floating photovoltaic promotion

Ciel & Terre push forward floating photovoltaic promotion
12 April 2018 @master

Our partner Ciel & Terre, a pioneer company in the floating photovoltaic and world leader on that market, held a dissemination/training session over this technological solution. D2M-Energytransit was present on this event.

Six years of accumulated experience in floating photovoltaic led Ciel & Terre into creating Floating Solar Academy, with the purpose of promoting this technology and contributing to mature the industry sector.

On April 10, 11 and 12, at French city of Lille, the information/training session was open to photovoltaic sector professionals, promoters and others interested in knowing more about floating photovoltaic. The Floating Solar Academy also allowed participants from different countries – European and other continents – to share experiences and visions on photovoltaics.

As one of the “oldest” Ciel & Terre partners, the participation of D2M-Energytransit in this session was highly applauded by other participants. The exchange of experiences was mutual and the elements of D2M-Energytransit broadened their vision of the renewable energy sector on a global scale.

Following the intention of Ciel & Terre founder, Bernard Prouvost, we want to contribute with our experience to the development of a Floating Photovoltaic Community.

The schedule of this training session, conducted by several qualified speakers, included a general approach to the market, as well as the discussion of topics related to anchoring systems and equipment construction, both central to floating solution.

The D2M-Energytransit members attending this event enjoyed the opportunity of visiting a self-consumption floating photovoltaic plant in Belgium, and obtain both client and builder’s perspectives, highly useful in order to approach the markets in which we operate.

D2M-Energytransit is committed on providing the best offer to its customers thus seeks constant evolution in the qualification of its staff.