Floating Photovoltaic Power Plants

Floating Photovoltaic is a great idea. Producing electricity from a water surface without diminishing its original function, adding a profitable and sustainable function to an existing infrastructure is undeniably an appealing plus.

Hydrelio® Floating Photovoltaic Plants created by Ciel et Terre transform this great idea in a real and effective technological solution. They consist on a set of floating devices, made from HDPE plastic (high density polyethylene), each device being equipped with a single photovoltaic panel. The design and dimensioning of each plant optimizes the energy production level whilst assuring also the best adjustment for the environmental and technical conditions of the location.


The Hydrelio® concept focused on achieving the better production/cost ratio, therefore preferring simple on over-performant, but pursuing excellence on that simplicity. The robustness of this concept led “Ciel et Terre” to a leading position on the global implantation of this technology.

Acting on markets where the natural conditions are very favorable to Floating Photovoltaic – high level of sun exposition and large hydrographic network (including irrigation ponds, water treatment plants, industrial lakes, and hydroelectric dams) – we immediately realized the advantages this innovative technology would bring to some of our customers. We strongly believe that for companies that inherently to their activity have access to water surface usage, this is the best option for an additional income or a strong reduction on energy costs.


There are distinctive features on Floating Photovoltaic from other renewable energy technologies:

  • Doesn’t imply the “abduction” of soil for its usage
  • The water surface maintains its original function
  • Being afloat over water the surrounding temperature is necessarily lower which improves production on hot days
  • The water surface underneath has evaporation reduced in 90%

Adding to this Floating PV is a “fast response” solution. It is possible to have real production less than a year after the decision to install it (hydroelectric, eolian or conventional PV, would have a larger time gap).


Whenever there is need for electricity, Sun and a compatible water surface, our Hydrelio® photovoltaic plants are a solution to be considered. Let us help you on that task!


The wind turbines that we have become familiar with – with horizontal axis – are absolutely non compatible with urban environment. Assuming installation within buildings OMNIFLOW wind turbines are the best possible choice.


The vertical axis construction makes wind coming from any direction useful, and grants extremely low noise or vibrations. Their special designed omnidirectional diffuser protects the wind turbine, diminishing the visual impact of movable parts, and preventing bird accidents. Furthermore, the Venturi  effect generated by the diffuser enhances the air flow and therefore the electricity production.

Being Omniflow the best option for harvesting wind energy within urban locations, there is more to it. High efficiency solar panels can be placed on the diffuser giving an extra push on electricity production for your convenience. If you have space enough Sun energy can be harvested with conventional PV panels in coordination with the Omniflow system.

Omniflow innovative wind turbines make it an ideal partner for D2M-Energytransit urban projects. We are ready to make yours!


OMNILED is a bright idea! Associating the energy effiency of exterior LED lighting with a hybrid solar/wind generator would have been good enough. But due to the unique features of OMNIFLOW design much more was achieved. The omnidirectional diffusor construction allows to lodge storage capacity and other usefull equipment inside it, transforming each OMNILED luminaire into an autonoumous and efficient plataform for usefull technology:

-Wi-fi hot-spot – Location analytics (traffic/pedestrian weather metrics)

– EV Charging point – Smart Parking – Surveillance

All the technologies lodged inside OMNILED can be monitorized and controlled remotely via Omniflow’s web based Monitor and Control platform.

Typically installed on 8 m poles OMNILED can easily iluminate a 10 m radius surrounding. Motion sensors and system controller allow a safe and effective operation subjected to movement  extending LED na batteries lifespan.

The focus of OMNILED design has been set on energy efficiency granting the highest availability of power for the IoT features lodged within.


Considered as a autonoumous lighting solution OMNILED bypasses the need of buried cabling and related civil works hence simplifiyng and lowering costs of outdoor illumination.

Since grid connection is optional, the equipment can be used as an uninterruptible power supply providing grid stability and backup power in case of grid downtime.


Technical Data

Omniled 07

Dimensions (D/H) [m]

1.20 / 0.30


Direct drive ironless start permanent magnet


Single-element patented shroud


Hybrid wind/solar regulator


100 (rated @11 m/s, steady)


60 (peak) 1


500 Wh C10 Lead Crystal 2


6 / 8


30 / 45


5100 / 6800


4000 / 6000


Web based remote monitor and control (OMNIconnect)

Wi-Fi router

IP Camera


1 Additional 60 Wp solar panel available

2 Additional 1000 Wh battery available

Heavy-duty LED lighting

That LED lighting is most certainly the best way to get quality illumination with the lowest energy consumption is common knowledge. Also that in a global economy, every cost counts to achieve the best productivity ratios, and therefore success is written everywhere. That Industry is more and more the reliable core to a healthy economy is a renewed fact. So, it was only logical to develop a dedicated LED lighting solution for the Industrial environment, and that’s precisely what SES-lighting has made with beLine® products.


The challenge was not easy, Industrial environment is harsh – high ceilings, high humidity level, broad operation temperature range, dust, vibrations; Industry’s demand for performance is crucial, both for workers and machinery and financial parameters are cool heartedly overviewed. On top of this, LED technology being almost exclusively electronics was deemed to accompany homes and offices environment and its mild and controlled environments.

Exploring the boundaries of LED potential  while working closely with costumers needs and  simultaneously being committed to work only with recyclable raw materials and environmental friendly design and policies, SES-Lighting created beLine® lights.


Enduring the harsh conditions while providing high quality light is the beLine® motto and LED lights can:

  • Provide quality light in locations with temperatures from –30°C to 70°C
  • Reduce/avoid maintenance costs
  • Improve drastically the light quality
  • Save energy up to 80%
  • Diminish radically the CO2 emissions


As the savings from the energy reduction are so evident the return of the investment is clearly short, and being sure of the performance of beLine®, SES-lighting has established  a business model in which the costumer has the possibility of paying the lighting improvement without new investment.

If your company activity is Industry (wood, paper, metal or glass) has considerable sized warehouses, and works for two or more shifts, contacting us can prove the key to energy savings and profit increase while improving the working conditions and productivity.

We will take you to beLine® with success!


Additive for Central Heating Systems with Heated Water

ENDOTHERM unique features allow average savings of 15% on heating energy bills.

In any wet-based central heating system there are naturally interior surface imperfections. This, together with the surface tension of the fluid prevents an optimal thermal contact. ENDOTHERM changes the fluid surface tension in more than 60% allowing a much better contact with the surface leading to an improved heat transfer. Increasing efficiency in this way means that rooms will heat faster and stay at thermostatically set temperature for longer. So, a lot less energy is necessary to achieve the same comfort.

Easy to install, compatible with any heating system where a boiler is used to heat water and 100% organic ENDOTHERM is perfectly compatible with residential use.

The 15% average saving on energy demand and the inexistence of added maintenance on the systems makes it a sustainable option for industrial use, granting a tangible energy efficiency gain and an emissions saver in most cases.


    • EndoTherm is an energy saving additive for any central heating systems.
    • Savings up to 15% on energy demand effects of EndoTherm have been independently tested and proven by an ISO17025 accredited test house.
    • EndoTherm is made from 100% organic materials.
    • EndoTherm is proven to be non-corrosive and causes no damage to heating system components.
    • Easy installation in 10-15 minutes.
    • EndoTherm will work in any closed, wet central heating system.


EndoTherm™ too creates a larger thermal contact area on the inside of radiators by reducing the surface tension of the water in any heating system.

Changing the surface tension of heating system fluid essentially makes it “wetter”. EndoTherm™ breaks down the Hydrogen bonds within the fluid resulting in a 60% “wetter” fluid when compared with standard water. A wetter fluid can access and improve contact with the micro-cracks and unavoidable imperfections within a radiator, boiler tube or heat exchanger. Increased thermal contact improves the efficiency of heat transfer into a building.

As more heat is lost into the room, the water in the system has less energy and returns to the boiler cooler. This cooler return allows modern boilers to condensate more and recover more latent heat from the water reducing the workload of the boiler to heat back up again. This means that even the most modern and energy efficient systems with EndoTherm™ can use less fuel to maintain the desired or thermostatically set temperature when compared with water only systems.

Residual Heat Conversion Systems

Enerbasque’s HRU is a technology that generates electricity from heat generating industrial processes.

Following the principles of the Rankine Cycle, HRU takes advantage from a heat source to sublimate a fluid (evaporator). Precisely it is an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) since the fluid used is organic (with a changing phase at low temperatures). This gasiform fluid is then used to power a turbine associated with electrical generator. The expanded fluid is led to the cycle’s cool phase by exchanging heat in the condenser resulting a compressed liquid at low pressure. A pump takes this liquid at increased pressure back to the cycle’s hot phase thus renewing it.

General Advantages

The vast majority of industrial processes imply residual heat, thus some of them are potentially compatible with HRU technology use. Depending on the features of the general operation, the amount of power generated by HRU can increase the overall energy efficiency and lead to higher sustainability.

Specific Advantanges Of Enrbasque HRU

By using a proven and simple way to promote the fluid expansion – screw expander – these machines prove to be both robust and reliable, even in demanding operation conditions.


In fact the design focus was to assure minimum intervention needs through an automatic control system that adapts to a wide range of working conditions. The outcome is therefore an optimized efficiency on electricity production.

Within the design goals was paramount to introduce innovations that reduced maintenance. Resulting bypass of complex lubrication needs led to a considerably low ratio maintenance costs/KWh.

Another feature of Enerbasque’s HRU machines is their flexibility. Adapted design is possible to encompass reduced spaces, existing installations for cooling purposes (tower/aero), energy recovery from either gas or liquid hot sources.

Enerbasque’s R&D led to innovative redesign of an air screw compressor machine onto a screw expander more compatible with expansions at lower temperatures.

AVReporter Energy Management Software Solution

AVReporter is a smart software tool, designed to be a key component to successful energy management systems, making the managements’ and engineers’ jobs neater and faster to complete.

AVReporter Energy Management Software will interpret Data into Savings. Savings of energy, money, time and workforce. On the top of it all AVR will help you to achieve the targeted energy efficiency goals, create the necessary reports for energy audits, CO2 audits or ISO 50001 energy management standard. AVR complements production management systems and SAPs, also it is easy to integrate.


Powerful Reporting

  • Easy-to-use wide selection of template reports & Dashboards
  • Unique, fully customised report options
  • Scheduled reports to selected groups or people

Sophisticated Alarms

  • Automated monitoring and control for alarm notifications
  • Detect any discrepancies and alert
  • E-mail or text message (SMS)

Complex Analytics

  • Advanced visualization, forecasting, statistical rollups
  • ISO 50001, Key Performance Indicators
  • Straightforward Benchmarking
  • CO2 emission, Greenhouse Gases, Power Usage Effectiveness

Utility Expert

  • Generating bills for tenants (sub-metering)
  • Accurate consumption analytics
  • Power Quality management (EN50160, etc.)
  • Optimizing demand power and provide contract management

Real-time Data

  • Real-time Visualisation and Monitoring
  • Provides users with the current situation in an instant
  • Allows fast controlling and acting

Multinational Profile

  • Continuously growing number of languages, easy integration
  • Change language in reports on-the-go
  • Change currency in calculations, reports on-the-go

Flexible Integration

  • Provides users to manage different type of system applications all in one surface (ERP, SCADA, BMS, EMS, Production control and supervision systems.
  • Open architecture supports industry standard protocols and an expansive range of different manufactures



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